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Ryan Sadorus (aka. "Ryski") was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois.
Much of his early musical influence came from early MTV groups like "The Police", "Duran Duran", "The Clash", "Depeche Mode" and "Hall & Oats". His mom would sit him in front of the TV when he was very young watching these videos and this was what eventually sparked his interest in other forms of music such as hip hop. When hip hop exploded into the mid 80's, Ryski took a great interest in break dancing (Breakin) and listening to early hip hop from artists like "Kurtis Blow", "LL Cool J", "Run DMC" and "Grandmaster Flash". This love for hip hop went on through his childhood and into high school...

It wasn't until he moved to Japan in the mid 90's that he really heard electronic music for the first time, witnessing some unbelievable club nights all over Tokyo. The sound that dominated Tokyo at the time was New York style house that went way late into the hours and dj's like Ko Kimura (Bedrock/Futic) would play 6 hour sets to crowds of 2000 or more. It was Ko Kimura's late night dramatic house sets that inspired Ryski to take a more serious approach to electronic music.

In 1999, Ryski moved to the island of Guam which is about a 3 hour flight south of Japan. The underground electronic music scene was in it's infancy and was mostly catering to the industrial/goth type of crowds at that time. It was at these infamous parties where Ryski
first got his exposure as a DJ and helped to shape his sound into something unique. During his 2 years on Guam he managed to help bring down his long time idol and Japanese DJ legend, Ko Kimura twice to play side by side at the island's biggest club, Globe. This proved to be a defining moment in Guam's electronic music scene. In the summer of 2000 he played at an MTV Jet Tour party in front of 1000 people and also managed by this time to have held residencies at all the major clubs on island

This eventually led into a year long mixshow on Guam's biggest mainstream radio station Power98 FM, where he would mix recordslive on air being broadcast all over Micronesia; from Saipan to Guam hitting over 150,000 people weekly. He continually pushed the boundaries of the underground, educating the masses on dance music even before it was popular in the area.

In 2001, Ryski relocated to the birthplace of Techno, Detroit and is already establishing himself as a serious DJ/Producer. He has played at Detroit's most respected clubs such as Motor Detroit (twice), Necto, Portal, X/S and has played at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2002 and 2003. In 2002, he started a record label "Berettamusic" which released their first record "Recoil EP" in May 2003 which has been getting spins from DJ's all over and was even featured in the August 03' issue of BPM magazine. Most recently his house track "With You" was signed to DJ Vitamin D's label, Colorecordings and will be released worldwide at the end of 2003.

Ryski's style has transcended through the genres over the years but his standards have always remained high in the content of what he plays and his mixing abilities; and this shows through in his live sets. This creative and dynamic individual has always managed to stay positive and productive in all his endeavors. His positive charisma is infectious to all who know him. Keep an eye out for Ryski and Berettamusic as they continue to forge new ground in the global dance community....